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Iā€™m Prerana a Full-Stack Web Developer & Mobile Application Developer .


A bit about me!

Iā€™m a Full Stack Web Developer & Mobile Application Developer. I love developing new skills.
I want to make things that make a difference!!

My Skills:

  • Mobile : Flutter
  • Frontend Web: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, React, NodeJS, Typescript, Jest, Redux, NextJS
  • Backend Web: Express, Mongoose, MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase
  • VCS: Git, Github
  • Web Hosting: Netlify, Vercel, Heroku

My Projects

I like to showcase my work and thus, here are some of my projects.

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My Academic Career

I like to showcase my career and thus, here are my academics.

My Work Experience

I like to showcase my experience and thus, here is work in real world.


I like to showcase my achievements and thus, here are some of my certificates.

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